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EA DICE _ Battlefield Hardline

EA DICE _ Battlefield 4: Naval Strike

EA DICE _ Battlefield 4

EA DICE _ Battlefield 3: Armored Kill

EA DICE _ Battlefield 3

Milford Film & Animation
During the winter of 2010 I worked on a few animated commercials over at Milford. For the GIO Motors one I made several buildings, a few café props
and neon signs. In the Lyubyatovo Family commercial I made the initial model and texture work of the round and square biscuit characters and also
the biscuits that are baked in the oven. Last but not least in the Oi Futuro Thumb Town commercial I got to model and texture the park bench, the tree
trunk, barber chair, big pumpkin, delivery truck and school building. I made some texture work on the school bench as well. There were some additional
texture and colour tweaks done to the bench, delivery truck and school building by other people as well.

North Kingdom

This is where I did my bachelor thesis together with Tomas Hillergren. The result was a fake teaser trailer.
If you are interested you can find my thesis here (in swedish)



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